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daily_themes's Journal

Daily Themes
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Note: This is a closed community. Don't try to join, just add Daily Themes to your friends list.

Welcome to daily_themes, a newsletter (like daily_snitch) for fiction posted to themed communities (like 30_kisses). There is something about fiction written for themed communities that is great, but watching all of those communities can really fill up your friend's list. This newsletter is created so that you can get updates on the themed communities, not just the select few you're able to watch.

daily_themes is updated every day around 8:00pm American Eastern Standard time. We only have one editor (me, babel, so she may miss a day now and then.

Due to the spectacular number of themed communities popping up every day, daily_themes now only follows communities with 15-39 themes. While I love other themed communities, there is no way to cover all of them anymore.

For communities currently followed by daily_themes, check this list. If you know of a themed community not currently listed, please comment.

- 30_updates - Newsletter for 30_kisses.
- ff_press - Final Fantasy Newsletter
- 30_fantasies - Final Fantasy Themed Community
- 30threesomes - Themed community for threesomes.
- 30_friends - Themed community for friendship fic.
- 30_lies - A themed community where the truth is optional.
- 30_beverages - A themed community with drink related prompts.
- otp_100 - A themed community for your favorite pairing.
- iog_100 - Illusion of Gaia themed community.
- 30_musesecrets - A themed community for character secrets.
- one_blanket - Two characters, one blanket.
- 11_reasons - A themed community for reasons why.
- grand_line_vine - A newsletter for One Piece.
- 15pairings - A themed community for multiple pairings.
- tentinyfandoms - A themed community for small fandoms.
- 1theme - A themed community for those with short attention spans.

Have a newsletter or themed fiction/art community and want to affiliate? Please email me.